Eyeliner for your eye shape

Today I’m going to talk about one of the biggest mistakes that womens do. I’m talking about using eyeliner.

We use to draw a line only for how does it looks on a model or on an other person, but maybe it’s not the best way. You should know what’s your eye shape like and the perfect way to use the eyeliner on it.


Look yourself on a mirror and find your eyes in the image. Now you know what shape of eyes you have.

You can search your shape in internet and you’ll find a lot of different styles to try! Below I leave you some to have an idea.


But the most important thing is to have a good eyeliner. Below I leave you my favorite ones from different brands, you only have to try them and choose yours!









Below I leave you a video from a YouTube channel that explains perfectly how to apply eyeliner correctly depending of your eye shape.

Tell me in the comment box what style do you prefer for your eyeliner!

6 thoughts on “Eyeliner for your eye shape

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