Say hello to bomber jackets

I don’t know you, but here where I live it’s STILL very hot. This strange weather brings me a lot of headaches, because I don’t really know what to wear. T-shirt or sweater? Jacket or coat?

But, I’ve found a solution. Bomber jackets! If it’s cold you look gorgeous, if it’s hot you can carry it in your bag because it’s small.

So I realized that they’re so trendy right now and you can find them everywhere and there are lots of different styles.

Below I leave you some bombers from different common shops and I hope you find yours!

6 thoughts on “Say hello to bomber jackets

    • They’re so cute and practical too. The best thing about it is that there are lots and lots of different styles and types, and this is amazing! You can wear them with everything in your closet, I’m sure.

      If you want me to give you style advice just tell me.
      Cheers, TGL ❤

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