How to style – Bomber jackets

Recently bomber jackets have become a unique style piece that you can wear with several styles because it’s a very versatile piece. But sometimes when we’re not used to wear things like that it’s kind of hard to create an outfit with them. That’s the reason why I’m here, today I’m going to become your personal stylist.


This is the first outfit. I reallt like it because it’s so simple, I’m only styling a pair of black jeans, chelsea boots, a white blouse and this gorgeous printed bomber jacket. All are simple items in black and white and we add the texture and colors with the jacket. Such a great idea if you want to look cool but not too much sophisticated.


And, as you can see, this second outfit is more feminine and glamorous. In this I’m styling some black sandals, with a black pleated skirt and this gorgeous Moschino bomber jacket. This you can wear it to an elegant party but you still have that sporty chic touch, I really like it.

So I hope this two outfits helped and if you still need more inspiration don’t forget to chek out my last OOTD where I style a bomber jacket here. Tell me in the comment box what do you think about the outfits and how would you style a bomber jacket!