Shiseido pureness matifying compact

I’ve been using my BB cream for so long and I really wanted to try something different. I looked for several brands and products but I felt that nothing was what I really was looking for. And finally I found a Shiseido product that I was interested in and the shop assistant was so nice to explain me all about it.

Finally I bought the product and I’ve been using it for nearly two weeks. Maybe it’s a little bit soon to come to a conclusion, but I really like it.


As every morning I wash my face with my face cleansing gel and then I apply my specific moisturizer. After this my skin is ready to apply the “Shiseido pureness matifying compact”. My skin feels fresh and not too oily during the whole day. I really wanted something natural for my skin, I didn’t wanted to wear too much makeup every single day.



I’m pretty satisfied with it, and I couldn’t expect less because I had very good references about it. Sincerely it’s even better than I have expected. I don’t wear too much makeup and it looks natural, just a little bit of coverage. The prouct reduces the pores appearance and regulates my oily skin. Just what I was looking for.

This is not a cheap product but definitely it’s not too much expensive and it totally worth the price. So undoubtedly you should try it because I’m very happy with the results it gave me.


Tell me in the comments down below if you’ve ever heard about this product and if you’d like to try it!

Love and lipstick ❤