Instant Wild by Sunglass Hut

Last friday I was going for a walk when a girl gave me a flyer. She looked at me and said to me that that afternoon that was going to be a fashion event organized by Sunglass Hut and that was going to be a fashion masterclass about what to wear to a festival by the hand of a blogger from the city (Naima Barcelona).

That sounded really good, so I decided to attend. The event took place in an outdoor shop, with a very cute stage and faux grass and cushions on the ground for the attendants to sit. Honestly it was really cool!

Naima showed four different outfits to wear to a music festival (like Coachella for example) with all the clothes, shoes, accessories, and the most important part (and the reason why the event was organizated by Sunglass Hut) the best sunglasses to wear it with.

(The one that Naima is showing in the photo down below really reminds me an outfit that Kendall Jenner wore at Coachella last year. What do you think?)


Besides the outfits she as well picked a random girl (a friend of mine) and showed us a simple makeup to wear as well to the festival. Not too much makeup but enough to stand out your eyes and make you look fresh and full of energy. She looked gorgeous with that makeup!


At the end of the event the organizers gave us a beach bag from Sunglass Hut (mine in pink, of course) and the latest magazine from Cosmopolitan. We thanked so much Naima for showing and inspiring us that much and we took a photo together.

with naimabcn.jpg I spent a very nice time there with my friends, meeting a blogger from my city and getting inspired. Now I’m sure that I’ll be very well dressed for music festivals!

What would you wear to a music festival? Tell me about it in the comment box down below.

Love and lipstick ❤