Find the difference between this two flats

You can’t even realise how mucho money do some people pay for certain items. While looking for clothes and inspiration I suddenly thought: “I swear I have seen this before.”. And I was right! This two items, from different shops, that looked like the same. After searching them again, on their corresponding website, I realised the astonishing diference of price between them.

Let’s play a game! You have to tell me the differences. Honestly the only one that I see is the color of the heel, because the one on the right is gold and the one on the left is black. Now let’s try harder. Tell me which one is the original and which is the copy. Nobody can until you know them very well, and knowing the color of the heel of course.

The one from the right is the original one from Aquazzura that costs 458€, while the one on the left that is from Bershka costs only 7,99€ (they’re on sale, they used to cost 25,99€). So I think that is a pretty crazy difference of price. But this show us that we must be patient and wait for deals to come. Personally I wouldn’t spend a crazy amount of money on something that I know that is made as well by other cheaper brands (that haven0t the same quality, of course, but they’re not bad at all).

Tell me in the comment box down below if you would spend that money on the expensive ones or you rather spend less in the other ones!

Love and lipstick ❤

9 thoughts on “Find the difference between this two flats

  1. The copy has more lope holes for the laces to go through, while the original has one. And both flats have a different lace up pattern. I’m guessing the original pair’s material is probably more durable than the copy, and took more time to construct than the $8.00 one. That’s why it’s more expensive. They are both gorgeous! Great post!


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