Put lipstick on me!

In honor of the name of my blog “The Gold Lipstick” and with the excuse that the other day was the National Lipstick Day, I really wanted to write a post about two lipsticks that I’m currently obsessed with.

As you may know I always use to use lipsticks from a few same brands, but this time I wanted to take the risk of trying a new one, Catrice. And the result? Awesome! I honestly didn’t expected too much because I had never tried lipsticks from this brand and nobody ever told me about them. But the brand sent me this two and I’m so in love with them.


To begin with, I have to say that I love the package, with this silver color that looks so sophisticated. This is the supreme fusion lipstick + care, and I’m so impressed with them. The colors are so pretty, it keeps my lips moisturized and it has a silky shiny finish that I love.


As you can see there are two colors in the same stick, but when you apply it they mix together and create an awesome color. The one on the left (nº070) is a berry color and the one on the right (nº040) is a bright apricot shade, perfect for summer.


leftapricotBerryright - copia


There are 8 different shades, so I’ll definitely try more because I really like these lipsticks and they’re so affordable. Have you ever tried these? Tell me your favorite lipsticks in the comment box down below!

Love and lipstick ❤