Someone told me once “You can wear up to three colors, no more, but denim is a jack of all trades that never counts”. I really like wearing denim, but I only wear one denim cloth, no more. Just because I think that is so hard to make it look good, at least for me. Maybe because the two tones of denim don’t look good. Honestly, I’m afraid of wearing more of one piece of denim. But today I said “That’s enough, everybody is wearing denim on denim and it looks so cool and trendy, we have to try it as well”, and here I am.

I looked in my wardrobe for a long time and finally, I found two basic items that I think that looks pretty good together. These are my denim skirt and my denim jacket. So I wanted to go ever further and add some accessories that really make the change like my ultimate favorite cat-eye sunglasses and my vintage watch.

I don’t know if you like the outfit, but definitely, I’m proud of how it turned out! Tell me in the comment box everything you want about the outfit!

Love and lipstick ❤


Photography by @claudia.varela
  • Jacket from Bershka
  • Skirt from Double Agent (here)
  • Halter top from Primark
  • Shoes from Cokketa
  • Bag from Natura
  • Sunglasses from Dolce&Gabbana
  • Watch from Viceroy (vintage)