That horrible moment when you see that the moisturizer bottle is empty… SOS! As you may know, I have oily skin, but every one of us needs a little bit of moisturizer in our lives. I’ve been trying a lot of different brands, and I’m happy with pretty all of them, but this time I wanted to try a new one again and I went for a Shiseido one.

Shiseido has a range for oily skins that needs to be moisturized. Perfect for me! It’s called Pureness. Maybe this name reminds you the other post where I showed you the compact foundation (here) from the same range.

So, this time, I went for their daily moisturizer and I’m so happy with it. The formula is so light, and that’s perfect for summer. And it keeps my skin moisturized and matte the whole day. Just what I was looking for!

Below I leave you some photos of the product. Comment down below if you ever tried a product from this range or from this brand. I’d love to hear from you!

Love and lipstick ❤