Do you remember that box full of Asian beauty goodies? I couldn’t wait more to try this amazing face mask with an awesome packaging that stands out for itself. I read the instructions of the product and I was really curious to try it!

It’s a mask made out of coconut gel, and it is supposed to calm my skin, moisturize,purify, detox and stay put on your face. So I followed the steps, and I left it for about 20 minutes (I don’t remember very well right now). It does stick to your face and it’s so easy to place the right way, that’s something that I really appreciate from a sheet mask. After removing it my face felt so soft and clean, a very nice feeling.

I highly recommend you to try this sheet mask because it’s a little bit different from the other ones I tried before. What do you think about it? Tell me so in the comment box!

Love and lipstick ❤