Happy second anniversary! I CAN’T believe it’s been two years since I opened thegoldlipstick.com! As I said some days ao, today is the day when I answer those questions that you left in the comments last few days, and this way you know a little bit about me. Let’s start!

Why did you decide to start blogging and which are your hardest struggles? I decided to start blogging because when I was little (about 12 years old) I had a website with my best friends and I used to write in the fashion section. And then, some years later, I thought “I should do my own blog!”. And two years ago I started writing here at The Gold Lipstick. About my hardest struggles? Well, this is pretty easy to answer. Definitely, the hardest part was the beginning because you’re putting a lot of effort on something that nobody sees and nobody knows about so it can be a little bit frustrating at the beginning.

What’s your favorite song? I love music, and I admit that there are a lot of great songs right now, but there’s one pretty old that I’ve always liked so much. It’s Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia. I really love it because of the rhythm, and the lyrics are perfect when you’re down or when you need motivation.

How did you come up with the name for the blog? Good question! It came to my mind because it’s a mix of things that I really like, like makeup and lipsticks (I have a lot), and then shiny things, glitter, metal colors and, of course, a lot of glamor. So definitely The Gold Lipstick was the perfect name for my blog!

Did you ever think of giving up blogging? There have been tough times when I thought that I had no time for blogging, and especially this year. But if it’s something that you really like you’re going to try your best and never give up. So my answer is no, I never thought about giving up because blogging is something that I really like and that makes me so happy.

Who’s your style icon? This is a tough one! I’ve never had a single person in my head, sincerely. My style has changed a lot these last years, especially because I was going through my adolescence and a lot of changes in my life. Obviously, there is a woman that I admire especially, because of her career, personality, and style. She’s called Lyn Slater and is the blogger at Accidental Icon. I just wanna be like this woman when I grow up!


How has your blog changed you? My blog has definitely changed me but in a very good way. I’ve become a lot more confident about myself and my thoughts. Now I know for sure that there’s always going to be someone who is not going to like the same as you, but you must be confident about yourself and continue doing what you love, because there is going to be people who will like it as well.

How do you keep yourself motivated to post on the blog? I’ve always been a curious girl. I really like to explore places and try new things. I think that that’s what keeps me awake and motivated to post on the blog.

Which one is your most favorite category on your blog to write and shoot for? I love trying and reviewing beauty products, but definitely, I have so much fun shooting for fashion posts. Preparing the outfit, looking for the perfect location, taking those pictures… It’s definitely my favorite!

img_0206Thank you all for this amazing two years! I hope you liked this posts, because I really want you to get to know me better. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve given me. Thanks a lot! I enjoyed so much answering these questions, so I’ll be answering as well the ones that you leave me in the comments down below!

Love and lipstick ❤


Photohraphy: @claudia.varela