So, you have finally decided to ask the most important question that would change your life forever. You’ve already shopped for the perfect diamond ring and what’s left is to propose to the woman of your dreams whom you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Obviously, you’d want your proposal to be special, unique, and memorable. That’s why we’re here to help. We have gathered some of the most creative ideas that would surely melt her heart.


  1. Plan an Unforgettable Vacation Proposal

If your girlfriend is a travel nomad, then proposing while the two of you are on a vacation would definitely be very memorable for her. So, why not take an extra step and plan a fabulous vacation at a very romantic destination?

Do keep in mind that the perfect long weekend getaway with your loved one requires a lot of thinking and careful planning. Make sure that everything is all set before you reach the ‘destination’ to ensure that everything will go smoothly.

  1. Come Up with a Milestone Movie

Video creation has gotten easier than ever. In fact, even with just your smart phone, you’ll be able to shoot a movie. Too good to be true? Well, see it yourself and surf around. There are actually a lot of cute videos that are being shown right before the proposal. There are Disney montages, movie trailer proposals, and many more.

So, why not record a video of you at all places where you have memories together? You get the idea. Basically, you’ll be proposing on the video you’re going to make.

  1. Perfect Proposal for Book Lovers

Books and photo albums are just some of the great ways to document your relationship and how you two have grown as a couple. So, why not create a scrap book detailing your story, and kneel in front of her as she gets nearer the final page? And if you haven’t found the perfect diamond ring yet, you can also visit

  1. Pet Proposals

If both of you are pet lovers and you have trained your fur babies quite well, then why not involve them in your marriage proposal? Basically, your fur baby would be the one to convey your feelings. You can also have him carry the ring for you.

  1. Flash Mob Proposals

Flash mob proposals are becoming more and more popular. Considering that, it has inspired a lot of people to consider this type of proposal. Those who are involved are definitely full of energy and you wouldn’t even get sick of watching them. To make it even more memorable, you can even ask your family and friends to be part of the flash mob.

  1. Propose with Art

If you’re an artist yourself, this would be quite easy for you. However, if you’re not, it’s still not a problem as you can hire a freelance artist to come up with an illustration of you proposing to your special girl. It could be her favourite characters, or to make it even more personalized and special, a caricature or cartoonized version of you.

We hope that these ideas helped you finalize your proposal. If you have other unique ideas, share it in the comments section.

This is a collaborative post