If you have booked a helicopter ride in the Perth area, Hunter Valley must be the destination, as this pristine, fertile land is the ideal setting for an aerial view, and with such contrasting landscapes, the day will truly be a memorable one in many ways. This is the prime wine growing region in Australia, and your day would include lunch at an established restaurant, plus a chance to sample some of the very best wines the region has to offer.

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The Briefing

There are online charter companies that arrange tours on Hunter Valley helicopters, and once you have made your online booking, you will be given a time to meet at the given location, which would likely be around 10:30am, and they would usually have a minivan pickup service that covers the CBD of the city and would take you to Sydney Airport, where the helicopter is waiting. Prior to take off, there are some safety requirements that will be relayed to you during a short briefing, before taking off for the Hunter Valley region.

Weight Distribution

The pilot must know the total weight of the aircraft, so everyone must be officially weighed prior to take off and he would also designate seating in order to keep the helicopter balanced during the flight. Helicopters are very noisy and all passengers will wear special Bluetooth headsets to make communication with the pilot and other passengers possible. The pilot would also give a running commentary during the flight, informing you of the various sights and some local history too. If you are concerned about motion sickness, there is an article with useful tips on how to prevent airsickness in helicopters which is full of good advice that you can find online.

The Route

Expect to see Sydney Harbour Bridge like never before, with the Sydney Opera House a splendid sight as you rise up into the Sydney skyline as you head north along the coastline all the way to Palm Beach. Then the helicopter will turn inland and follow the Hawkesbury River, before passing over the Central Coast and finally landing in Hunter Valley for lunch. Typically, the helicopter tour company would use only the finest restaurants, as with an organized wine tasting session prior to lunch, you and your group can sample some of the finer wines that Hunter Valley is famous for.


This would last around two and a half hours and would include a three-course meal and a bottle of wine, and with the option to purchase extra items, you and your group will be refreshed and ready for the return trip. The menu would be extensive, and with a choice of fine wines, you and your group will dine in style at one of the most fashionable restaurants in Hunter Valley.

The Return Flight

Usually, the pilot will make the return flight a little different, giving the passengers a chance to see a variety of breath-taking vistas, and in roughly 45 minutes, you would be arriving back at the airport. Then you will have a chance to watch the onboard video, which can be purchased on a USB stick as a memory of a very special day that you won’t forget in a hurry, and after that, you will be taken back to your accommodation.

Have you ever seen your city from a helicopter? Definitely, tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read. If not, book a helicopter tour now and see the amazing sights any city can offer.

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