I could wear nothing but gold jewelry and I wouldn’t feel naked. Gold pieces have become a must for me, something I wear religiously every single day. I think that gold jewelry instantly elevates your outfit, and it’s something great and timeless to invest in. 

I’m constantly looking for new jewelry brands and their new collections. I love finding the right pieces for me and then wearing those over and over again, mixed and layered with other pieces. 

I’ve talked so many times about how much I love to wear gold accessories and how to style them, but I have never properly talked about the brands that I love. You know I’m all about being stylish on a budget, so don’t be afraid of today’s post.

A while ago I discovered a brand called Ania Haie and I fell in love with all their pieces. They sell 925 sterling silver pieces, gold and rhodium plated (gold or silver), all in a really budget-friendly price. I absolutely adore those brands who offer great quality products that you can actually afford and collect. 

I love every single piece that is gold, but my faves use to be the simple pieces with a modern twist. I got the chance to choose some pieces from their newest collections to show you, and I got the following items:

Chain circle necklace: The perfect necklace for layering. It is quite long so it’s perfect to wear with shorter ones. Love the minimal design and the simplicity of this piece. 

Twist ear cuff: Perfect for those who love to wear more than one earring per ear but are afraid to get their ears pierced. At first, I was afraid it was going to fall or that would be annoying to wear, but I have to say that it stayed all day long on my ear without any kind of annoyance. 

Twist hoop earrings: Hoop earrings are something that will be always on trend. I love how simple these look, but at the same time so stylish because of the twist. Also, in my opinion, these are the perfect size hoops. 

Twist wide adjustable ring: I still can’t believe that such a beautiful piece can be so affordable. This ring reminds me of a work of art inspired by nature. Every time I wear it I get so many compliments. 

As you can see, all these pieces are so simple but stylish at the same time. You could wear the most basic outfit ever with these gold pieces and it would look absolutely amazing. 

I’ve been wearing these pieces every day for two weeks in a row and the pieces look like the first day I got them. Again, I think that gold jewelry is something great to invest in, or to gift to someone especially now for the Christmas season because of the beautiful packaging as well. 

What do you think about gold jewelry? Have you ever heard about Ania Haie? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤



Chain circle necklace

Twist ear cuff

Twist hoop earrings

Twist wide adjustable ring

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