As I mentioned in previous blog posts and several times on my Instagram, this year I decided to spend the New Year’s Eve abroad. I took a plane to Norway (above the arctic circle) and spent a week there. It took two flights and more than a three-hour ride by car to arrive at our final destination.

I’ve never traveled so far from home, but I was so excited about this trip. Now I can proudly say that I wasn’t mistaken when I decided to go, because I loved it so much. Even though the only one hour of sunlight on a day, the continuous snow, the frozen weather, and the language (I know nothing about Norwegian), I fell in love with every single landscape I saw.

It didn’t really matter where you looked at, you would see beauty. All those snow-covered mountains, frozen rivers, almost black and white landscapes with turquoise and brown details. Just amazing.

And, the most amazing thing we got to see, and the reason why we chose Norway, the Northern Lights. I think this is something really worth experiencing, because it’s mind-blowing. The color is not as saturated as you see on the internet images you can find, but the moment is incredibly magical.

We saw green northern lights (because of the oxygen on the air), and it was a light shade of green. It is so crazy to see because in the middle of the night you start seeing how the sky starts to light up in a weird way, like lines that move, disappear, and appear again. I got to shoot it, still don’t know how.

Summarizing, loved it. So much relax and beauty surrounding me. And that’s exactly what I needed to finish 2018 and start 2019.

Have you ever been to Norway? Where did you finish 2018? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤


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