Because of a pretty recent blog post I wrote where I reviewed a face mist I got quite a few questions regarding face mists and its use. About a bit more than a year ago I had no idea about face mists and their use. I thought that those were useless products just for the shot of to spray yourself wherever you were just for the sake of it.

Suddenly one day I decided to get one because I ran out of moisturizer, and while I was buying a new one I found a face mist from the same brand and I thought: “Why not?”. Since then I’ve been using face mists and loving them, and today I’m going to share with you the ones I’ve tried so far, and the reason why I use them.

Aside from the typical “refreshing” and “moisturizing” terms that are used to describe their use, I would say something else. I keep using my regular cream moisturizer even though I also use a face mist. Face mists are not meant to replace your usual moisturizer, because it’s pretty illogic that a spray can do the same effect than a cream. That’s why I use both.

Face mists are great to add a bit more to your skin, especially when it looks dull. I use face sprays to awaken my skin and show that gorgeous natural glow. It is perfect to use it when you’ve done your makeup, or if you don’t use any like I do your skin would look fabulous too. I’ve found no other product that shows such a beautiful and natural glow on my skin. And, during summertime and hot seasons is great because it’s so refreshing (and even more if you keep it on the refrigerator).

The ones I’ve tried so far are the one from Sukin Skincare, which is the first one I’ve ever tried, and then the one from Löwengrip, which is the one I’m using right now and loving it too. Then, I’ve heard great things about the Mario Badescu one too, but because I haven’t tried myself I can’t say if I like it or not.

Face mists are usually made from rosewater and other herbs such as chamomile and aloe vera, which is really good for your skin and smells amazing. Something really important you should always check is if the face mists contain alcohol. Alcohol in skincare products is tremendously bad for your skin, and will make it look wrinkled at a very young age.

Which is your opinion about face mists? Do you recommend me any other brand? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤

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Hydrating mist toner – Sukin Skincare

Moisture on the go facial mist – Löwengrip

This is not a collaboration post, but I've worked on a gifted basis with Löwengrip before.