Animal print has been one of my greatest obsessions for years because as you know I don’t wear many colors (I prefer to stick to neutrals), so I try to brighten them up and make them stand out adding prints, especially animal ones. It’s been something I’ve worn for so many years and I didn’t care if it was on trend or not because I loved it.

The first item I ever got was a vintage zebra printed skirt I got from my mother, then a croc crossbody bag, then a furry leopard printed coat… And any of these was considered trendy at that time.

But, with time, I’ve seen animal print get more and more popular to the point that it is such a huge trend right now. In every fashion week, we see so many different animal printed looks on the runway from really famous and well-known designers and brands, and also on the street style of the stylish attendants.

I remember that the first animal print that went on trend was the leopard one. I remember everyone wearing those fabulous leopard-printed coats, and also so many other items such as pants, blouses, shoes, and also accessories like scarves and hair accessories, among others. But, right now I’ve seen that people keep wearing leopard quite a lot, but there’s another animal print that is going stronger this season. I’m talking about snake print.

For some reason, I didn’t realize it until one day I showed up with a matching snake print look. My phone case, bag, and boots matched to perfection and it was not on purpose. For sure. Maybe because I felt I wore leopard during such a long time that I had to change things a bit, maybe because you can find snake printed items all over the net and shops, who knows why.

The important fact here is that I’ve fallen in love with snake print. I mostly use it on accessories, such as boots or phone cases, because it’s an easy way to improve your looks and make them trendier without trying too hard or breaking the bank. Accessories are much cheaper than clothes, and are actually easier to mix with the clothes you own. The best look is always a basic one with some cool accessories. The same way as if I incorporated color to my outfits.

To show you what I’m talking about, I recently got a snake printed jacket from Femmeluxe. It is not an accessory such as hair accessories or a bag but it’s also something really easy to mix and match with your other clothes. I went for a really basic look, which was a white tee and black jeans (which we all have), and then I added his super cool snake printed jacket and matched it with my snake printed ankle boots.

You could think that this might look too much print together in the same outfit, but since these two items are not next to each other it looks really cool and trendy. Also, I wanted to show you how you can keep the neutral tones (in this case a black and white look) but also styling this animal print trend that is so big right now.

Also, I think that animal print is something you can easily wear all year round, because it is an atemporal print. And, it is also something that will never go out of style, despite the main huge trends might change, but it’s something that comes back so easily.

What do you think about the snake print trend? How would you style it? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤



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Tee – Zara

Jeans – Bershka

Jacket – FemmeLuxe (also check out their co-ords, lounge wear setsribbed loungewear sets, and knitted loungewear sets)

Boots – EgoShoes

This post is in collaboration with FemmeLuxe