These last days have been hectic and crazy busy. I really wanted to keep up with the blog but I really felt like I would post content I’m not fully proud of, so I decided to get things done and prepare the content for the next week. Honestly, and I know many of you can relate, running a blog and being at uni can be tricky sometimes, but there’s no way I’ll give up.

Because of how much work I had to do, how much I’ve been running around, and how tired I was, I think I’ve really improved my comfy outfit creation skills to a whole new level. We all have those days when we’re just too sleepy or too tired to think about an appropriate or, at least, a decent outfit for the day. Plus, we also want to be as comfy as possible, and that’s how I felt.

For some reason, when you ask for a comfy, basic, fast outfit you never think about a fancy or stylish looking one. We don’t know how to think an outfit that is both comfy and fancy, fast and stylish, but that’s actually possible.

To be honest, I tend to dress pretty basic and casual during the week, and I dress up for special occasions and events. I also have those days when I want to be extra comfy, both because I haven’t slept enough and I’m too tired, or because I just don’t feel enough inspired to think about what I want to wear.

Because of that, I’ve developed a kind of a “talent” (let’s call it like that) to create decent-looking outfits when I’m not in the mood. I’ve already shared with you several ones you could easily recreate, but today I bring you the comfiest outfit I’ve styled so far for this blog.

Onesies have become quite a trend this season, and we’ve seen them in many designer shows and also on the street style. You can easily dress them up or down depending on the vibe and level of fanciness you want to achieve. Also, the fact that they’re monochrome (the majority of them) helps to elongate your figure, and fit every single body type.

The best thing about them is that because they’re a single piece, you have top and bottoms in one, which is such a great thing for when you’re not inspired to create a look.

This time I chose a black jumpsuit from FemmeLuxe, which is made of cotton that makes it so soft and comfy to wear, fitted where it has to be, and loose on the legs, which helps to elongate them and move around more easily. I wore it with chunky sneakers to keep the outfit comfy and simple, and as for a jacket I wore my beloved trench coat since it is such a simple but stylish piece. Then, as usual, gold accessories to upgrade my outfit.

Simple, basic, fast, and looks presentable and stylish. There’s nothing better than outfits like this one.

Do you like this outfit? What do you wear when you’re not in the mood? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤


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Jumpsuit – FemmeLuxe (also check out their co-ordslounge wear setsribbed loungewear sets, and knitted loungewear sets)

Trench – MissyEmpire

Sneakers – Uterqüe

Jewellery – Ania Haie (Twist hoop earrings & Twist wide adjustable ring)

This post is in collaboration with FemmeLuxe