Because of how it beautifully suits tanned skin, how it shines with sunlight, how it matches the blossom, and also because it is neutral but makes you stand out. White is definitely the colour of the season. It is actually a colour you can wear all year long, because it just looks amazing every single season and it’s the easiest one to match with all the other colours.

White is definitely one of my top favourite colours to wear, especially during the spring season. It is bright enough to make you stand out but it’s not too bold that might be too much, or get old fashioned pretty easily. It also helps to create a beautiful contrast with tanned skin and the blossom that is flourishing around.

My favourite way to style it? Head to toe in white. I think that is really simple but at the same time such a statement outfit. This time I decided to wear a white belted blazer that actually looks like a dress, with white shorts underneath, and also a white corset. Everything from MissyEmpire. Then, as for shoes, white chunky trainers to make the outfit look more casual and comfy. And, last but lot least, gold jewellery as always.

I really think that adding colourful accessories or just gold/silver jewellery to white outfits is such a great idea that makes the outfits even better.

Do you like my white look? Which is your favourite colour for this season? Definitely tell me so in the comments down below and I’ll be glad to read!

Love and lipstick ❤


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Blazer – MissyEmpire

Corset – MissyEmpire

Trainers – Uterqüe

Jewellery – Ania Haie (Chain circle necklace & Twist hoop earrings)

This post is in collaboration with MissyEmpire

16 thoughts on “THE COLOR OF THE SEASON

  1. I’m finally getting up the nerve to embrace white clothing – it always feels “precious” to me and I’m afraid of staining it or sitting in something. Any tips for keeping white clothes clean?


    • Yes I know that feeling! There’s no magic way to keep your white clothes clean, other than knowing what you’ll be doing during the day and being careful!

      Mireia from TGL ❤️


    • White is great because it looks amazing and also because it keeps you much more fresh during summer days!

      Mireia from TGL ❤️


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