Halloween looks by Kiko Milano

Halloween is coming very soon so it’s time to get ready for it.

There’s a makeup brand called Kiko Makeup Milano that has a lot of well priced and nice quality makeup products.

So, for Halloween they decided to prepare some looks that you can recreate perfectly with you own makeup. Once done you can share it with the hashtag #KIKOTRENDSETTERS

I think that it’s a very goos idea to try some of the looks below this year!

black cat

dark magic

ice queen

queen of hearts 2

queen of hearts

Tell me which’s your favorite!

In love with flash tattoos

Sometimes I think about how would a tattoo look in me. But I don’t really want one because they last forever.
I looked for other options like henna tattoos, they look really good. But that was not enough for me.

The last summer I saw in Tumblr photos of a kind of metallic tattoos and I like it! But in my town I haven’t seen anything like this ever.

This summer you can find them everywhere! In markets, shops… You only have to choose the drawing that you want.

Where to wear them? Wherever you want. I really like to wear them like fake bracelets or rings. They look gorgeous!


How long do they last? It depends of the quality but they use to last like 4-5 days. But if yiu want to take them out you only have to clean the area with water and soap. Nothing more!

So now you know what flash tattoos are. Are you ready to wear them?

Get the beachy look

Today I’m going to show you how to get the beachy waves at home, easy and without heat!

Step 1: Get your hair wet and dry it a little bit with a towel (only the excess of water).

Step 2: Divide your hair into two sections (as you were doing pigtails).

Step 3: Twist the sections and secure them with a scrunchie.

Step 4: Let your hair completly dry.

Step 5: Undo the twists and with your fingers give some volume.

Step 6: The last thing is to apply sea salt or hair spray. You can buy it (click here to buy the one below) or do it yourself (tell me in the comment box if you want me to tell you how).


This is the method that I use to get that beachy look. There are a lot of different ways but this is the easiest for me. Tell me in the comment box what do you think about it!

Best nails ever!

You must know something curious, I always wear my nails painted. Why? I really don’t know but I really like how does it looks and now it’s like a part of me.

Today I really wanted to show you some of my tricks to have amazing nais at home. I hope you enjoy!


This are a few tips to paint your nails as a professional:

1. PETROLEUM JELLY: Line your nails with petroleum jelly, this way will be easy to cleanup them after.

2. TOP AND BASE COAT: Always use base coat to begin and top coat to end. I promise you that the results will be absolutely much better.

3. PATIENCE: This is the most important thing. When doing the manicure/pedicure you should have patience and time. This way if something goes wrong you’ll have time to remove it and start again. Don’t worry you only need to practice!


How many times do you have to go somewhere and your nails were ruinned? You have to paint your nails quickly and go, but… Thay’re still wet!

I’m going to give you a few solutions to this problem:

1. ICE WATER: Nail polish dries when it encounters cool temperatures. So try freeze-drying your polish in place by using ice water. In 2-3 minutes you’re done!

2. FREEZER SOLUTION: Maybe this sounds a little bit strange but it works! The only thing that you have to do is to stick your hands in the freezer for a few minutes.

3. USING THE HAIR DRYER: I discovered this trick when I painted my nails and later put on my sneakers. The only think that I had near was a hair dryer so I adjusted it to the coolest setting and it worked perfectly!

P.S.: I only wanted to give you the last tip. Keep your nailpolish inthe fridge! Maybe this sounds strange but it helps the formula to last longer!

This are a few tips that I hardly recommend you to try. If you have more tips feel free to share them in the comment box down below!