Summer outfits inspiration

I’m the kind of person who is always looking for tones and tones of inspiration through other blogs, google images, Instagram, Tumblr and other platforms. Today I wanted to talk to you about my favourite of all, it’s called Polyvore. It’s a great website to create thousands of outfits, shop the clothes and get inspired. So today I wanted to share a little bit of summer outfit inspiration from Polyvore. 

This first outfit is made with nude clothes (top, pants and bag) but you give that special pop of color with the accessories. Pom poms are so trendy right now, and I think than the shoes are so funny, and I’m sure that so comfy too.


In this second outfit we can see the off the shoulder top that is so trendy right now with a pair of white culotte pants. Again with a hat to cover your head from the sun, sandals with pom poms and a raffia bag.


This third outfit look so relaxed, comfortable and at the same time so chic and feminine. This is probably what I would wear to take a walk at the afternoon near the beach with my friends. You just need an off the shoulder blouse, a pair of shorts, a pair of sandals (best with esparto sole) and a mini bag to carry the few things you’ll need.


This outfit is so much colorful than the other ones because of the yellow dress, again off the soulder. Then some gold accessories to look more glamurous, a raffia hat, a cute bag and a pair of lace up sandals. I think that with this outfit you look so happy and fresh for summer.


This last outfit it’s so sweet and I love it. The denim dress looks gorgeous with that lace details in the shoulders. To accessorize the look they’re using a small pink bag, mirrored sun glasses and a pair of astonishing wedges. Definitely I would wear this.


So this have been the outfits that I wanted to show you today. I haven’t created them, so if you want to know where the clothes are from just click on the photo. I hope all this inspiration helped!

Love and lipstick ❤

In love with flash tattoos

Sometimes I think about how would a tattoo look in me. But I don’t really want one because they last forever.
I looked for other options like henna tattoos, they look really good. But that was not enough for me.

The last summer I saw in Tumblr photos of a kind of metallic tattoos and I like it! But in my town I haven’t seen anything like this ever.

This summer you can find them everywhere! In markets, shops… You only have to choose the drawing that you want.

Where to wear them? Wherever you want. I really like to wear them like fake bracelets or rings. They look gorgeous!


How long do they last? It depends of the quality but they use to last like 4-5 days. But if yiu want to take them out you only have to clean the area with water and soap. Nothing more!

So now you know what flash tattoos are. Are you ready to wear them?