Style advice – Retro-Vintage

As I always say “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. But there are people that don’t know exactly how to express theirselves and need help with it.

This is the point where I take part. I’m going to help you with your style.

A few weeks ago a faithful follower of this blog ask me about her style. She sent me photos of looks that she likes and today I’m going to help her.

She defined her style as retro/vintage/modern. I really love it!

Sin título

This are a few simple ideas that I created for you.

As you can see all of them are composed of a midi printed skirt (the main item of the outfit), a plain top and shoes and bag according with the colors of the skirt.

The two first outfits are more for daily use and the third is more for the night.


This is where are the items from (if you’re interested in any of them).

Do you remember the post “How to shop online“? There I talked about a shop called “Chicwish” that is PERFECT for you.

They’ve launched a new skirt collection that is awesome. A lot of patterns and different colors! And the best of all is that now you have discount!


You can surf a little bit through the web and you’ll see that the most part of the clothes are the style that you’re looking for.

And I have to say that I felt in love with the “Prom dress” collection. There are dresses that you can only wear to elegant parties, but there are a lot that you can use for daily use.

PicMonkey Collage

This are some of the dresses that I’m talking about.

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So now you know it, if you need style advice just tell me (comment down below, send me an email or send me a message in the contact page).

Thanks for all!