Working with Lyla Loves

I always say that accessories are the most important part of an oufit because they have the power to change them completely.

Today I’m going to show you my favorite items from a shop called “Lyla Loves”. I love all those stuff because they define exactly my style.

The best things about them? The good quality and the awesome prices!

So I’m going to show them by categories explaining WHY do I like them and HOW would I wear them.


1 2

This is the “Mixed blue vintage style necklace“.

WHY DO I LIKE IT? Because I think that it’s very modern but fancy too, and I love big necklaces that attract attention.

HOW WOULD I WEAR IT? With a basic blouse for the day and with an LBD for the night.

3 4

This is the “Silver Multi Layer Semi Precious Necklace“.

WHY DO I LIKE IT? It has a kind of bohemian vibe and I love the marble stone.

HOW WOULD I WEAR IT? I would wear it a lot because now festival outfits are very in, and with this necklace I’m sure that you’ll get that effect.


5 6

This is the “Statement Bracelet“.

WHY DO I LOVE IT? It’s like a small piece of art, and I love it.

HOW WOULD I WEAR IT? Like I said in the first necklace, this kind of pieces must be worn with basics, this way they’ll shine!

7 8

This is the “Pu Bendable Open Bracelet“.

WHY DO I LIKE IT? I love the materials used and it looks very clean and light.

HOW WOULD I WEAR IT? With any summer outfit would look very good, but if you’re a little bit tanned I’m sure that you’ll look awesome!


9 10

This are the “Gold and Turquoise Stacking Rings“.

WHY DO I LOVE IT? I love very thin rings, I love gold accessories, stones in accessories and geometric shapes. And here’s all!

HOW WOULD I WEAR IT? I’m sure that you can wear this rings with all your clothes perfectly.


11 12

This are the “Geo Armband Metallic Tattoo Pack“.

WHY DO I LIKE IT? They don’t last for all your life and that metallic effect I think that it’s awesome. Now it’s very in, so yu must wear some.

HOW WOULD I WEAR IT? I really like this because they’re not really big and they’re like stripes. I would wear them on my arm like a bracelet, but you can wear them wherever you want.


13 14

This is the “Large English Garden Purple Floral Garland“.

WHY DO I LOVE IT? Gorgeous flowers, nice colors and so lovely.

HOW WOULD I WEAR IT? I’m only going to say that you shouldn’t wear any printed top with this accessorie because I think that you’ll look like too much.

I hope you like all this accessories as much as I do!

Tell me in the comment box which your favorite!