The reason why I started blogging

Today I’m not going to talk about fashion or beauty. Today I decided to talk about something that poeple use to ask me a lot. So… Here you have THE REASON WHY I STARTED BLOGGING. 

All began four years ago with my friends. We were a group of four teen age girls that wanted that type of friendship like Pretty Little Liars or something similar. We were best friends, we were all the day together, we created a name for our group and… A webpage!

Yes, all started with this webpage. We used to write there things related with us, with news, with fashion, beauty, celebrities… I loved so much writing there, because I knew that there were people that were readding that that I was writting. 

After a long time I realised that I was the only one that used to write in the fashion and beauty section, and I wanted the merit of that hard work. So I thought that it could be a good idea to have an own webpage/blog. 

Two years later I did it. I created my own webpage, but now I recognise that that was very seedy. But at that time I was very proud of it, that was my OWN webpage. 

As I said it was very seedy, so I didn’t have too much visitors. I used to show it to my friends and family, but nothing more. 

Two years later I grow up as a person and I decided to change. I loved blogging, but not that way. 

So I decided to own a blog (with my own domain) and I created all the social media, the logo, the name… Because this time was real. 

So, here I am, blogging three times a week for you all. And I love it. 

Now I consider myself as a blogger, and I’m proud of it. Thanks to this opprtunity I can work with brands and other bloggers, you learn a lot!

So I only want to say that I love you all because you’re helping my dream to come true. 

Shopaholic tag

Today I wanted to do something different, so I decided to do the “Shopaholic Tag”.

So here are my answers!

Would you consider yourself as a shopaholic? Yes.

How would you classify your style? I think that kind of Bohemian.

What store can you not leave without buying something? Any shop of accessories.

Where do you find the best deals? I really don’t know.

What designer are you willing to slurge for? Right now for no one.

Do you have a go to shopping outfit? I have an idea of how to go shopping, is a must to go comfortable and easy to change clothes fast.

What is your guilty pleasure? I don’t know but I suppose that I always wanted to show who I am with my style.

What is the trend you hope never goes out of style? Stripes! I love them.

What trend did you love that passed away? Now I can’t remember any passed trend.

Who is your fashion Icon ? Evelina Barry, I love her style.

Do you agree with me in any of the questions? Tell me in the comment box!