Benefit custom makeup kits

You don’t know what to give as a gift or you simply want to save money in makeup but still want good products? Don’t worry, I’ve got the answer!

I was looking Benefit Cosmetics’ webpage and I saw that now they are doing a special offer, the custom makeup kits.

Now I’m going to show you how does it works.



This kit is going to cost $79.00. It seems a lot of money but I promise that this is a very good offer.

Let’s start! That’s my example:

1· Complexion: There are three products. I don’t know what to choose. What can I do? I’ll search them in Benefit’s page to see what can they do.

I think that I should choose the POREfessional ($31), it will minimize the appearance  of pores.

2·Cheeks: Let’s learn more aout this products and then I will decide.

I’ll choose the majorette ($28) because I want to amplify my flush.

3·Eyes: What do I need? Oh! My mascara is dryed! I need a new one, so let’s choose the they’re real mascara ($23).

4·Free gift: They’re so nice! Now let’s decide what color do we want. I really like the posiebalm ($18) one.


Now we’re going to see the price if we don’t buy the products in this offer.

31+28+23+18= $100

Oh my god! That’s a lot of money. We’re lucky to have this amazing makeup kits for only $79 and they gives us a beautiful bag to carry our amazing makeup in it.