DIY fast room decor

Today I’m inspired and I’m going to show you some DIY very easy, fast, cheap and beautiful to do!


This is a simple drawer hooked to the wall, a strange place to stay. But the original thing is that we use handles to hang our necklaces.


This time we use painted mason jars as a place to keep our soap.


To do this DIY you need more time than the others because you have to cut strips from magazines and then stick them on a canvas leaving some spaces white.


This is easy but very beautiful. You can paint your chest of drawers, each drawer with the same color but different tone.


You can glue newspapers on a canvas and later write your favorite quote.


You can buy all the letters of the alphabet and a heart and paint them all white except the “I”, the heart and the “U”. This way you’ll glue them all together making this 3 coincide diagonally.


I hope you enjoyed all this stuff that I’ve shown you.

la foto

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