Outfit of the day #4

This is the outfit of the day. I love it because is very cute and I really love the colors.



What do you need?

1· A maroon cardigan:

(Stradivarius 25,95€, Forever 21 16,50€)

cardigan hij


2· A low pink blouse:

(Bershka 12,99€, Forever 21 9,00€)

0887336687_1_1_3 jhgf


3· Leggings:

(Pull&Bear 7,99€)


4· Black chunky boots:

(Bershka 35,99€, Bershka 35,99€)

1049031040_1_1_3 5163331040_1_1_3

5· Gold necklace:

(Bershka 5,99€)



Very soon you’ll have another supercute outfit! See you soon.


3 thoughts on “Outfit of the day #4

    • Do you have yo go anywhere and you don’t know what to wear? Tell me and I’ll help you find the perfect outfit!
      Thanks, TGL💕


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