BeautyCon London

The most beauty and fashionable convention in the world finally arrived to London! The past 23-05-15 all our favorite bloggers and youtubers went to BeautyCon.

BCLondon_1000x500px-no-HT-814x417 (1)

Maybe you’ve never heard about it. This is the reason why I’m going to talk about it.

BeautyCon is the world’s premiere fashion, beauty & lifestyle destination for fans, brands, and creators. It’s a community of creators redefining beauty.

They talk about things like culture, trending news, fashion, beauty… The objective is to bring fans, brands and creators together in one place. Why it’s so cool? You can participate in interactive presentations, watch performances, create content, shop, play games, learn about new products, and the best thing, be able to mingle with some of your favorite content creators, because a lot of famous bloggers and youtubers go there too.

This is a short video that shows a little bit about BeautyCon.

If you click here you’ll be redirected to BeautyCon’s official webpage, this way you’ll know more about them and when is going to be the next!

Tell me in the comment box if you like it as much as I do!

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