Let’s start with the “back to school” posts!

I really like preparing myself for the back to school, but I don’t really want to go back. I’m not the only one, I know. A lot of people have to go back to school soon, so I hope to make it a little bit easier.

Today I’m going to explain you how this is going to be. Every two days I’m going to share a new post helping you with the back to school.

The posts are going to be short, clear, and the most important thing, helpful.

Do you follow me on Twitter? Let’s use a hashtag! #backtoschoolwithTGL This way it’s going to be easier to share all your thoughts with me.

I want you to collaborate, it’s going to be funny. I want you to ask me anything about back to school. I’ll give you advice about everything I can.

The posts are going to be:

· Essentials in your bag

· What to wear? (easy inspiration)

· Easy daily hairstyles

· Everyday routine

· Tips to study better

· Helpful tips for school

They’re not going to be in the same order as the list, it’s going to be random. But I need your help with this.

Tell me in the comment box or in Twitter what do you want me to talk about!

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