Essentials in your bag – Back to school

Every single person is different than another, but there are things that we have in common like… bag essentials for school!

Today I’m going to show you things that you should wear because thery’re an essential for you or very useful for daily use.

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· Choosing the right bag can be difficult. There are different styles, types, colors… But this can be also a plus to find the perfect one for you. Tip: If you always want to look gorgeous and well dressed choose a bag with a neutral color. This way it will match with all of your clothes.

· Books and notebooks are a must, you always have to carry them. If you want to personalize them only cover the books/nootebooks with printed paper. Easy and cute!

· Post-it can be very helpful. Write there important things to remember. It’s going to be your best friend!

· A complete pencil case. With a pencil, pens, highlighter, eraser, ruler, pencil sharpener and all the other things that you commonly use.

· Always carry sticking-plasters with you. Your shoes can hurt your foot, especially if the shoes are new.

· If you have long hair it’s good to have hair ties near to pick up your hair.

· A little perfume can be useful in your bag. But deodorant it’s a must!

· Your phone can be useful too! Not to chat on class, no please. There are lots of apps that can help you with organizing your day. (soon a post about the most useful apps for school)

So this are some essentials that I recommend you to carry.

Do you use to carry something else? Tell me in the comment box!

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