By the hand with technology – Back to school

Who said that phones are bad during school time. Technology has improved and now we have more tools to work with and make our life a little bit easier.

Today I’m going to show you some apps that can help you day-to-day to stay organized. I’ve tried all this apps, so they have my “quality certificate”.

The first one is called Class Timetable by Ice Media Creative. (free)

As the name of the app says, you have the class timetable in your phone. Very useful if you don’t remember what goes next.

It’s very easy to use and to understand. You’ll have all in order and the app tells you in what subject are you right now.

Other things that you can do? You can write your tasks as well. This way you’ll never forgot anything!

time timetable

The second one is called myHomework Student Planner by Rodrigo Neri. (free)

Don’t worry if your forgot your schedule, with this app you won’t need it! There you can write all the homework that you have and adjust the limit day to deliver it.

The plus? You can check out all your work from lots of different devices ( iPad, iPhone, Android tablets/Kindle, Android phones, Windows and Mac & Chromebook). Now you have no excuse!


The third one is called Wikipanion by Robert Chin. (free)

All of us adore Wikipedia, right? So now you have it in your phone, faster, better.

wikipanion Wikipanion1

The fourth one is called Dictionary & Thesaurus by LLC. (free)

It’s good to have a dictionary app to search the words faster. The best? It works offline!

screen568x568 (1) screen568x568

So this are a few apps that I highly recommend you to use. If you know more just share them in the comment box!

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