The new iPhone 6s

The famous brand Apple surprises us again with the new iPhone, now the 6s.

But, I recommend you to don’t expect this phone to be as all the other iPhones. Today I’m going to show you all the improves that Apple made to this phone.


Have you heard about 3D Touch? Simply you have to touch the screen in differnt ways and the phone will do different things.

This Multi-Touch allows the screen to detect with how much intensity do you press the screen, and it does different functions.


You have a AWESOME quality to take photos! The back camera has 12mp and the “Live Photo” technology. Excuse me, LivePhoto? Yes, with it you can bring photos to life again. You only have to touch anywhere on the photo and this will come to life again (with motion and sound).

And the 4k video… SIMPLY AMAZING

About the front camera? You have a 5mp camera with flash to take very cute selfies wherever you are.


Now you have a new color, rose gold. I really love it!

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And to finish with this post I only want to show you the presentation video of Apple that shows all the things that I’ve explained and  more. I hope you like it as much as I do! Click here to visit the official webpage.