It’s party time in Barcelona!

This days I’m in a very good mood because there’s party everywhere!

Walking through Barcelona this days is so funny because there’s concerts, performances, food trucks, amusement parks and more everywhere.

The other day I went to the Ciutadella (a big part in the city centre) and there I found different stages, attractions, different music, street food… Summarizing, all the things that I love.

It was very hot, because I forgot my hat at home (it’s the truth) and it was a very sunny day. This last days has been very hot.

If you’re interested in coming it’s the 18 to 24 september (Ciutadella).

If you love concerts as much as I do I’ve good news for you. It’s concert time! If you’re interested you only have to search “concerts mercè 2015” and you’re done.

So I hope you enjoy this days as much as I do!