My clean skin care routine

Nothing feels better than a clean, smooth and flawless skin. But sadly, not all of us can have and enjoy a skin like this.

I know that I don’t have the perfect skin, but I try to do my best. Today I’m going to show you my skin routine and some tips that maybe are useful for you too.

I’m going to start explaining what do I do at nights.

Some days I’m very tired and I don’t want to do my skin routine, BUT YOU HAVE TO DO IT, so just do it.

Remove your makeup gently with some micellar water (post about it here) and then wash your face to get rid of that oly skin that you use to have at the end of the day (if you tend to have oily skin like me).

The micellar water that I currently use is the “Cleanance  eau micellaire for peaux grasses à imperfections”  from Avène and the cleansing soap is the “Advantage daily cleanser” from Clean & Clear.



If you are using any skin treatment this is the best time of the day to use it! At nights the skin “breathes” and this is better, because your skin will absorb better the treatment making it more efficient.

The next morning you’ll have to wash your face again to remove again all the oils and remainders of your treatments (if you use any).

Once my skin is clear it’s time to use my moisturizer. I’m using “Moisturizing cream for oily skins HYDRA+” or “Pure Active anti-imperfection 24hrs moisturiser” from Garnier.

Now you’re ready to go or to put on some makeup!

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