What about brushes?

I’m sure that when you go shopping for makeup and you see all that collection of brushes you don’t know the use of every single one of them.

Today I’m going to transform you to a brush expert (I’ll try it).

Below I leave you the most useful thing of the world. Is there anything better than an image to understand what am I talking about?

complete brushes

Of course that you don’t need all the brushes, so I’m going to tell you the “essential brushes” (in my opinion).

Beauty blender: very useful to apply the foundation.

Bronzer brush: for pressed powders.

Medium and creme shadow: for applying powder shadow and creme shadow.

Kabuki brush: for blush.

This are my “essential brushes” because I only use, for example, the shadow brushes for the smokey eye. I have to admit that I use my finger, is more useful and I think  that it works better.

So, you have to know what are you going to use them for and then buy them, because they don’t use to be cheap. If you really like brushes I recommend you to buy the full sets because you’ll save a lot of money.

Be careful! It’s better to spend a reasonable price for brushes, don’t try to buy very cheap ones because they use to be very bad quality.

Here are some that are recommendable:


Kiko Milano


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