Don’t get cold, it’s beanie time!

We are not from the same countries and we don’t have the same weather everywhere, but there’s one thing that we have in common. Weather is changing and it’s getting colder.

This is the time that you don’t know exactly what to wear. Mornings are cold, at work it’s okay, then at midday is hot… That’s a mess! The trick is to wear layers on layers, that’s the only solution.

But there’s one thing that never fails. I’m talking about beanies.

They’re comfy, cool, stylish, cozy and small (easy to carry in your bag).

Maybe now you have that super hipster Tumblr image in your mind, but with wearing a beanie there’s not need to look informal. I don’t know why people think that.

A beanie is an accessorie that you can wear with ALL the styles, all your clothes.

So don’t be afraid of wearing beanies with formal clothes. Mix and match!

Below I leave you some beanies that I think that are really cute.

Which’s your favorite? Mine is the light pink one that says “OVER DRESSED”.

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