Is that a phone case?

Oh my god, every day I’m more and more surprised about all the amazing phone case’s designs.

There are phone cases of pretty everything you’re looking for. There are ones that look like things that has no relation with… nothing? Who wants a spray gun in her bag? And french fries?

Moschino loves doing this curious phone cases, and they’re the best ones because they’re so original.

Yes, Moschino can be expensive, but don’t worry, affordable shops made similar ones.

Phone cases that wants to look like other things use to be a little bit big, and if you use to wear your phone in your pocket, you can’t. Don’t worry.

There are an other type of phone cases that I’m loving so much. Have you noticed that now there are cases with amazing effects and prints? I don’t know how to describe, just judge yourself.

And the last type of phone cases that I want to  talk about are the printed cases that we’re used to see in shops.

But there are lots of brilliant designs!

So these have been all the amazing phone cases that I wanted to talk about and show you.

I hope you like them as much as I do.

Tell me in the comment box which’s your favorite!