My christmas wishlist

Finally we’re in the countdown to Christmas!

Today I’m going to share with you some things that I really like, and that could be a good gift. So I hope you get inspired with this post!


I’m like crazy for smells and specially with “L’Occitane” products.

So they’re very good doing special packs for christmas. I don’t know you but I really like trying many different small products than one big. If you’re like me your’e going to love their christmas boxes.

You’ll enjoy some of their best seller products, and the packing is a cute box. A great gift!

If you’re interested you can check out this packs that are my faves:

Luxury Travel Set – $40 (value $44)

Delicious Almond Collection – $35 (value $47.50)

Best of L’Occitane Gift – $110 (value $142.50)


I’m that kind of people that loves clothes, but it has to be chosen by me. Yes I don’t really like when they buy me things because there’s the possibility that I don’t like it.

Problem solved! If you know his/her faorite (or really like) shop you’re done. Just buy a gift card, you choose how much to spend.

Sincerily, gift cards are a great invention. This way you can buy whatever you want and you don’t have to mind to pay because it have been previously payed by an other person.

My faves?

Forever 21




Holiday sets by Benefit! They’re into sets too and that’s great.

But wait, there’s something even better… Would you like to build your own makeup kit? That’s great!


You just have to choose between two prices, and then choose the three products that you want (if you choose the “expensive” one you can choose an extra product). And it all comes in a fabulous makeup bag.

My fave boxes:

Life of the party – $36 (value 64)

Your b.right! To party skin care set – $49 (value 84)

Costumize your kit – $79 / $50


 As you can see in the name of the blog I really like lipsticks, all the colors.

So  I found the perfect kit for me from Tarte.

9 fabulous colors for an awesome price. I highly recommend it!

Dressed to the nines – $34 (value $126)


Phone cases are always a very good gift! Everyone likes “dressing up” their movile phones with gorgeous phone cases.

The coolest?



Gift experiences! This is ne of the greatest gifts because that person will remember it forever.

Give concert tickets, travels, a free dinner… This always works!

If you’re not sure about what experience to gift let them choose. Just buy a Smartbox.

That person will be able to enjoy a free experience, that will be chosen from a catalog.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

So that’s all I wanted to share with you today. I hope you’ve become inspired!

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