How to make money for Christmas

Maybe you’ve been in that moment that uou have a lot of plans but you don’t have enough money to do all of them. Don’t worry! Today I’m going to show you some great ideas to earn some money easy and fast!

  1. The first one is doing baby sitting. If you like childresn this an be a good choice. You only habe to take care of a child or some childres for a time and you’ll earn some money. 
  2. Just sell stuff. You can sell old toys or clothes that you won’t use any more! I do it and that’s great. I clean my room from things I don’t need anymore, and I earn money selling it. Perfect! But, where to sell them? Nowadays there are tones of apps that offer you this service, you obly have to choose the most suitable for you. 
  3. Start a blog or a Youtube channel. Yes, all this people earn money with it. Ypu only have to share things that people is interested in and you’ll see how it grows.   
  4. Make stuff to sell.  Just design and create something cool. And the best thing about it is that now we’re in Christmas time! This means that people is looking for cool things to gift. This is your best opportunity!   
  5. If you like animals you can walk dogs a lot of people want this service. And all year around!  

– – – – – – – – – – – 

So now you know how earn some money for this Christmas. Love and lipsticks!