Reviewing some Rimmel London

If you know a little bit about me you’ll know that I’m literally obsessed with Rimmel London products. I know that I’m always saying good things about them, but that’s for a reason. I have no complainments about them.

This Christmas I decided to gift me some Rimmel goodies, because sometimes we have whims, and I thought that I should buy something new for myself.

So I went to the shop and there I saw all that awesome products just in front of me. I never know where to start looking for. And sincerely, I can spend there a lot of time looking all the products, trying and comparing them. So that’s true, when I realize that I’ve been there a long time I “wake up” and I choose, once and for all, the products that I’m going to buy.

As you can see this is a kind of “escape mode” for me, because when I’m there I’m literally absorbed, and that’s a great way to keep all the things out of my mind. That’s a good therapy I think, but this is going to be expensive.

The first item that I purchased is the “Lasting Finish Color Rush” in the shade 500 “The redder, the better“. I bought this because I wanted a red lipstick for christmas day and I’m really happy with the results it gave me.

This lipstick lasts a lot, even eating in the christmas day, keeps your lips moisturized  and makes sure that they don’t get dry and the best about it is the color. This color is so intense and I love it.


The next thing that I bought was another lipstick, but this is darker because I wanted something different to wear this winter. So I bought the “Lasting Finish Lipstick” in the shade 128 “Starry Eyed“. I’m so in love with this lipstick for an amount of reasons.

This lipstick has the most beautiful color that I’ve ever seen and it lasts a lot, I’m not kidding. An other great thing about it is that it doesn’t dry your lips and it smells amazing, it remembers me cherry smell.


And the last thing that I bought is the “Extra Super Lash” lash building mascara. And, of course, I’m very happy with it. I hate mascaras that leaves me an amount of product. This is just what I was looking for, it makes your lashes look longer but you don’t wear tones of mascara. I love it.


As you can see I’m very happy with all the things I bought for myself this christmas. And I think that I’m going to go back to the shop this week to buy an other Lasting Finish Lipstick in a nude color to wear daily, because I’m so satisfied with the one that I have.

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Love and lipsticks! ❤