Shopping day – SALES

Finally sales are here and I’m so happy about it. If you have a good eye you’ll find lots of amazing bargains. But be careful, this activity can become dangerous. There are a lot of probabilities to get crazy with the discounts and spend more money than you should.

Yesterday I went shopping with my friends, I love going with them because this way I have an external opinion. We spent all the morning trying on clothes and more clothes. But, how to choose what really worth?

  • A great tip is to do a list before going shopping. This way you’ll have a more clear idea about what do you want to look for, and if you find something with a good price, buy it.
  • An other great tip is to clean your wardrobe. I’m not kidding, this way you won’t only get rid of things that you don’t wear, you will also see what do you use the most and your style.
  • Before going to shop, plan where do you wanna go and design a route. This way I’m sure that you won’t forget any shop that you want to go.
  • Once you’re in the shop, don’t get crazy. Ask yourself: will I wear this, is it my style, does it worth the price, do I need it. Just leave you a time to think about that that you want to buy.
  • Take your time on the fitting room. I know that is frustrating when someone spends too much time there and you’re outside, waiting. But belive me, this is the moment when you really decide to buy it or leave it. Ask yourself again the questions.

This may sound stupid, but this tips can save you tones of money on things that you will never use. An other good tip, as I said before, is to go with someone. This person can be crucial to decide. External opinion is always welcomed!

So after all this tips I want to shop you what I bought. This are only a few things because I’m not that kind of person that goes once shopping and spends all the money. I prever to go several days and buy a few things.

The first thing that I bought, of course, is from Rimmel London, what a surprise. As I said on the previous post I wanted a nude color to wear daily. So here it is, this is the “Lasting Finish” by Kate Moss in the shade number 105. As with all the others, I’m very happy with the product, and again, very satisfied with the brand.


The second item that I bought is this super cute light pink sweater from Stradivarius. It’s a basic because it’s plain and I can wear it with lots of things, it’s easy to mix with other clothes. I really like the color, but what I like the most is the neck.


The third thing that I bought is this faux leather jacket that I love so much. I was looking for this for a long time because when I decided to buy it, some months ago, it suddenly disappeared. You can’t imagine the happiness that I felt when I saw it on the store. And… my size was the only one! Surprising, right? More surprising was the price. Amazing jacket from Zara TRF, I’m going to wear this so much.


The fourth thing that I decided to add to my closet is a blanket scarf. Mine is from Stradivarius and I really like it because of the light and nude colors. I think that looks great with all my outfits and it’s so comfy, warm and cozy.


An other thing that I bought is a striped top from Brownie. It’s so simple in the front but the back is crossed and that’s the cool thing about it.


The sixth thing that I decided to buy is a pair of jeans because I always wear the same pair of jeans, I don’t know why. And an other reason is that I always use to wear dark jeans, so this time I decided to buy a lighter ones from Zara and I love how they fit me.


And the last thing that I bought is this low pink bomber from Stradivarius. Sincerely I’m not sure if to return to store because I really like the color but I think that that’s not my style. What do you think about it? Should I keep it or should I leave it?


So this has been the things that I bought yesterday. All of them are now on the “Closet” page. There you can check out what I curently have on my wardrobe.

Will you go shopping this days? Make sure you’ve checked out my tips and you’ll save a lot of money. Comment down below what will you look for and tell me your favorite shops. Maybe I like it too.

Love and lipstick! ❤

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