Scented 2016

New year, new scent. I’m that type of person who loves all the things that smells good. Maybe you have noticed it in posts like the one where I talk about the Rimmel London lipsticks, they smell gorgeously and that gives a plus to the product.

In my room I have a whole shelf for all my perfumes, and today I’ve realized that I have never talked about them. So I’ve recently bought two new scents and I thought that it could be a good idea to show them to you and talk a little bit about them.


It’s a little bit difficilt to talk about a smell, because you can’t really describe how does it smells like, but I’ll try my best.

The first one that I bought is Don Algodon. This has been on sale for many years, since 1985 and it still is, this must be for a reason. It’s not the first time that I buy this, I really like it to wear daily. I think that it’s a soft smell and always all the people say how amazing do I smell with it.


The second one is the Pure Lightness by Adidas. This is the first time that I buy this one, but the smell reminds me an other one that I had in the past that I really liked, so I’m very happy with it. What I like the most is that in the pack comes a smaller version that you can carry perfectly in your purse and smell gorgeously wherever you go.


Both of them smells amazing. I truly don’t like perfumes that smells too much sweet because they annoy me. So I always try to find more gentle smells that lasts all day. I’m really choosy with this things. When going to shop for a new scent just go once, sprinkle with the scent and just do your everyday routine. This way you’ll know how much does it lasts and if you feel comfortable wearing it.

So this two that I’ve showed you are completely recommendable for people with a taste like mine. Tell me in the comment box your favorite perfume!


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