Keep your elegance in a bag

There are multiple ways to make your outfit even more elegant, but there’s nothing better than wearing a gorgeous bag. This is one of the best items to save money on and spend it on a good quality designer bag.

This days I’ve been looking for the must-have statement bag and I realised something important. Choosing the right bag can make a big difference on how your outfit will look. So I thought that could be a good idea to give you some tips and advices to buy the right bag.

As I said, a bag can make the difference, and this means that this item changes all into fabulous. The biggest tip that I can give you is:

  • If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a designer bag just go to the classics like the Antigona bag from Givenchy, Saffiano bag by Prada or Birkin bag by Hermès. This bags never go out of style and they give you that super elegant touch.

An other good tip is not to buy them in an eccentric color, just go for the neutrals and more common colors like navy blue, nude, black, brown or something similar to this.

Simply using this tips you’ll have an amazing bag that combines with all and will never go out of style. Totally worth the price!

Tell me in the comment box if you have any favorite designer bag. Are you saving for some?

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