All about that pom pom

There’s nothing better than stroking my cat’s fur. It feels so soft and I love it. This may sound strange but, how would it feel to carry your cat’s fur all around?

Don’t get scared about what I said, I’m talking about pom poms. I discovered them on Tumblr photos and nowadays they have become in a must-have accessorie and very versatile.

I’ve seen them in some catwalks and I decided to buy one because I really liked how it looked and I just wanted to try. So I started looking for it in some expensive brands and I found them at Michael Kors, but also in cheaper shops like Primark. All the keychains below are from eBay, super cheap:

How do I style it? Right now I’m using it as a keychain because this way it makes easier finding my keys faster, or you can also attach it on your purse and it will look gorgeous. This will make your whole outfit stand out from the rest only adding this simple accessory.


So you should definitely buy one of this and add that special touch to your otfits with something a little bit different from what we’re used to. Tell me in the comment box if you love them as much as I do!