Dress your phone

If you use to read my posts and you know a little bit about me you probably know that I love wearing basic clothes with amazing accessories. But there’s a lot of different kinds of accessories! So I’ve recently become mad about phone cases and I really wanted to share some with you.

Personally I think that the best phone cases ever are the ones from Moschino, they’re so creative and funny. I really like those, but you can’t always can afford something like that. So I’ve done my job and I looked for cheaper ones that looks awesome too.

If you’re looking for gorgeous cases you should probably take a look to ASOS because they have such an amazing collection and much more affordable, it all depends on the brand (I really like the “Zero Gravity” ones).

But there are lots of places to look for awesome affordable phone cases. I just picked some for you and I hope you like them as much as I do. In MiniInTheBox you can found thousands and thousands of cases. From plain colors, to text, textures, prints, shapes… You can find almost everything, and they have imitation cases from expensive brands too.

Now you have no excuse to have a cool phone case. Just click one of this links, the one that fits your phone, and just go for a new gorgeous phone case.

I tried to link the most common phones, but if yours is not linked above just go to the page of MiniInTheBox and find yours.

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