Oscars 2016

Once again we have celebrated the Oscar awards.This is the 88º edition! In the gala we saw a lot of first rate actors and we enjoyed so much seeing them. And finally Leonardo Di Caprio got an award, and well-deserved.

Today I’m going to show you the best and worst dressed of the red carpet, because that’s the part that I enjoy the most.


First of all I’m going to show you the gorgeous dress that Jennifer Lawrence wore to the gala. We’re used to see her wearing amazing dresses in the trilogy “The Hunger Games” with her fire dresses, but this black dress from Dior is not far behind.

An other woman that did a good job choosing the right dress is Julianne Moore, that wore a black Chanel Haute Couture. Again, the dress is black, but very different because of the shape and the amazing details of the dress.

Charlize Theron wanted to match the red carpet and weent for a gorgeous Dior red dress, with tail and a vee neckline that made the plain dress look simple and sophisticated. To add a little bit to the oufit she just wore a long necklace in her long neckline.

Brie Larson just went for a different color to stand out from the red carpet. She wore an amazing blue klein Gucci dress.

Lady Gaga, surprisingly, wore a plain white dress, by Brandon Mazwell, with awesome shapes. I really like that dress and the way she wore it (hairstyle too). Congrats!

An other dress that I loved so much was the one from Rooney Mara, by Givenchy. The dress was entire embroidered white and the look was completely amazing. Probably one of my favorites.


Alicia Vikander, that uses to dres so well, wore a Louis Vuitton yellow dress, and she looked like princess Bella. That’s definitely what I wouldn’t wear to the Oscars.

Next we have Lily Cole in a Vivienne Westwood silver dress. The shape of the dress and the shoes, that don’t match with the outfit, is what I really don’t like.

We saw many other dresses. Gold ones by Tom Ford, more black from Atelier Versace, shinny ones from Armani Privé and even orange by Stella McCartney.

Tell me in the comments down below if you saw the gala and which is your favorite dress!

Love and lipstick! ❤

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