Big announcement

Maybe this days you’ve noticed that I’m a little bit out, but that’s because I’m finishing all my work because soon I’m going abroad. Yes, that’s the big announcement!

I’m going to travel abroad for a week, but don’t worry because all of you are coming with me. During the entire week I’m going to be posting (I’ll try to post, promise) every single day. This way you’ll be the first to know where am I going, what am I weaing, what am I eating…

This posts are going to be shared daily, but if you’re even more interested don’t forget to follow me on my social media because there I’m going to be sharing a lot of amazing things with all of you.

So now there’s only one week left until I go away from here, one week left for an amazing trip, one week left for sharing daily what I love. Hope you enjoy it!

Love and lipstick! ❤