Spring break essentials

Hi everyone! My trip has finished, but spring break it’s only beggining. After packing my things, a week ago, I realised that I really need help to do that task. I’m that kind of person who has all the details of the trip prepared, but when it’s time to choose what will I neeed I’m a disaster.

So I thought that could be a good idea, that after beating myself a week ago, to help you pack your suitcase. Maybe it helps, maybe not, but I recognise that I looked on the internet for help when I had to pack mine.


Spring break is common for going to the beach or to the pool, get tanned, have fun… So sure you’ll need your bikini wherever you go. Something you’ll need too is something to cover you up a little bit and wear on top of the bikini.I’m talking bout some kind of kimono or beach dress. This one is from ASOS.


Sunglasses are a must! Please don’t forget your sunnies because it’s something that sure you’ll need. Right now I’m so in love with this ones from Urban Outfitters. I think that the shape is gorgeous and the colors so trendy and easy to mix with all of your clothes.


Accessories for the plone is something that I love. A funny phone case and headphones are things that I never forget to pack. A cool phonecase is always great, and headphones are a must. As you probably know my favorite headphones are Taylor by FRENDS because the colors and the design are gorgeous. This ones are the “Taylor mother of pearl” ones.


Reading a good book or a magazine it’s always worth it. If you have to wait somewhere or you have some time and you don’t know what to do just read.


A bag is something very useful. There you can carry all the things you’ll need during the day. The majority of the things that I said above you can esasily carry them in a beautiful bag like this from Longchamp. This bag is very common, and I understand it because the size it’s perfect and there are several colors to choose.



This are some essentials that you’ll need, but then there are other important things like your vanity case, clothes, shoes… Andthat’s the hardest part, at least for me. You have to check out the weather, look for inspiration and choose what to wear.

I hope this few things help you a little bit with your suitcase, and please don’t forget nothing. Have a nice spring break!

Love and lipstick ❤


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