Van Van BCN

After spending a great week above I’m home again. But I’m that kind of person who enjoys going out and discovering new things wherever she goes. So yesterday I decided to take a walk and go to the port to see all the amazing ships that were there.

The best about it is that there was a street food fest called Van Van. It’s not the first time that I coincide and I really like the mix of good vibes and flavors.

As you can see I really like taking photos and this is a great chance to take good ones – I think – because the sky was so clear and sunny. A really nice day!

They were only three days (from 18 to 20 march) but the next time I’ll inform you proviously, this way you can go if you want. I really like going there because it’s a good time to spend the time outfise enjoying really good food – not kidding – and breathing fresh air next to the sea.

Tell me in the comment box if you want to go to the Van Van Market. Share your opinion about it!

Love and lipstick ❤

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