Céline Luggage Handbag for less

I’m obsessed with bags and specially with designer ones. But I can’t afford all of them because they’re too much expensive, so I’m always looking for similar ones for less.

This time I’m again with another gorgeous Céline bag. This is the “micro luggage handbag in black drummed calfskin” that costs 2.250€. The bag is so pretty, but so pricey too. Fortunately the other day that I went shopping I was amazed of the bags from Stradivarius. The bags looked like expensive ones and remembered me Céline.

two bags.jpg

As you can see they’re pretty similar. Obviously they aren’t the same quality, but the Stradivarius’ one is a good choice if you want a beautiful bag for much cheaper than designer ones.

So tell me in the comment box down below what do you think about this two bags. I think that they look pretty similar!

Love and lipstick ❤

2 thoughts on “Céline Luggage Handbag for less

  1. I know how you feel I want a Chanel so badly, so I find the closet thing to it until I get one lol. I think the handbag you found is gorgeous, you’ll get your Celine one day lol. I liked the website too I haven’t heard of it before!


    • Exactly! One day I’ll have my Céline, but for now I’m going to keep posting similar pieces for the expensive items that I love.

      TGL ❤️

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